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5 Good Reasons To Use Meditation Music

Reasons To Use Meditation Music

Music is food to the soul, and it’s been so because of many reasons. One, music helps the mind to relax and just enjoy the moment. Many people who meditate do so with music playing in the background, but this can be a controversial practice: Some say that it’s best to focus on the words or sound of your breath without any additional distractions, while others insist that music enhances their experience.

But just like using music to help us relax in our daily activities, it can also be used during meditation to help the find focus. Here are some good reasons to use music:

Music Creates a “Sacred Space” to Practice Meditation

In a world of constant noise and distraction, music can help create a sacred space for you to practice meditation. Whether classical music or relaxing sounds like rain or waves crashing on the beach, listening to music while meditating can make you feel more relaxed and focused. Music can also help you become more aware of your emotions and how they affect other aspects of your life.

Music Can Help People Tune Into Their Bodies

In addition to calming the mind, music can help people tune into their bodies. In one study, participants who listened to instrumental music while they meditated reported feeling more relaxed than those who listened to no music at all.

Music can also make it easier for people who aren’t used to meditation (or don’t have much experience) to get started with the practice by helping them focus on something other than their breath or whatever else they might typically focus on during meditation.

Music Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Here are some of the ways music can help you relax:

  • Music can help you feel more optimistic. When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good. The more upbeat and fast-paced your favorite songs are, the better they will be for relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Music may reduce the effects of stress on your body. Research shows that listening to classical music can lower blood pressure and heart rate after five minutes – two key indicators of physical stress levels! This effect lasts longer than five minutes; other studies show that people who regularly listen to classical or relaxing music have healthier hearts later in life than those who don’t listen at all (or only listen occasionally).

Music May Help with Pain Management

Music can distract you from your pain, a helpful tactic for those struggling with chronic pain. Additionally, music is relaxing, so listening to it when you have the energy and inclination can be an effective way to reduce stress (and, therefore, pain). Music has also improved sleep quality, significantly reducing pain levels.

Meditation Music Has a Specific Goal in Mind

Meditation music has a specific goal in mind. It’s not there just to be played at random or to set the mood, but to help you achieve your meditation goals. You can use music to help you focus on your breathing and other activities during meditation, or you can use it as an accompaniment while meditating.

You’ll notice that when people talk about the music used for meditation, they often use words like “relaxing” or “soothing.” This is because many types of meditation are designed to help you relax and feel more positive about yourself, which goes hand-in-hand with relaxing music. Music for this purpose usually comes from nature or contains ambient sounds such as raindrops or wind chimes; it might also include calming instruments like piano or acoustic guitar.


Music is a powerful tool for self-care, and it can be especially beneficial when used in the context of meditation. While many different kinds of music may be helpful in meditation, we recommend you research your own to find what works best. Music has been shown to help people relieve stress and anxiety, manage pain, and even reduce blood pressure levels, all of which can make it a practical addition to any person’s life.


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