download the free 3rd eye app on iphone and ipad from the app store

The 3rd Eye Launches on the App Store

3rd Eye App on iPhone

The new 3rd Eye App has just launched on the Apple app store!

You can now download The 3rd Eye app on your iPhone and iPad

Download on the App Store
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Meditate & Awaken

The 3rd Eye App uses exclusive meditation music, 528hz frequencies and relaxing sounds to help you to meditate and reach the state of awakening.

Features 6 free ambient meditations to suit your mood or environment, Jaya Bhagavan and Live Gong session recordings.

Start using the app straight away, just install and run the app and press Start Session button.

The third eye is said to be a mystical, invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight and sound. The 3rd eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms of consciousness.

Choose from dozens of sounds, including 528 frequency instrumentals and chanting.

Customize your session with different background images, videos and animations. During your session you can restart, pause or mute the sound track.

The 528 frequency contained in this app can help awaken the Third eye. According to theory, Humans in far ancient times had a Third eye. To the Hindus it was the Brow Chakra. Today it is known as the Pineal Gland. It is believed that by tuning into the gland via a 528 frequency over time you will regain the Third eye.

Introductory Offer

Take advantage of our low introductory premium upgrade price… Just press Unlock in the app and upgrade to Premium via a one off in app purchase

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We hope you enjoy and feel the benefits of the app in your daily life and can support us by sharing this website and our app on your social pages and friends!

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